About Restored Design Co.

Hey there! My name is Ryan. I am a Colorado Native. Born and raised in Aurora CO. I have always had an eye for art. I graduated with my Associate in Applied Sciences with a focus on Graphic Design in 2003. I enjoy the process of working on something or with someone to create a one-of-a-kind logo that fits their brand/business.



I have had many ups and downs along the way. This is a tough industry and things have not always gone according to plan. I was let go many years ago by a Powertool company that shall not be named and hit rock bottom. I struggled with fear and anxiety and turned to alcohol to mask the feelings. After hitting rock bottom, I found solace in the creative world. I found that the creative realm was a form of therapy for me. Since Covid, I have put all my time and energy to create Restored Design Co. 


I have been doing Freelance Graphic Design on and off for 17+ Years. Restored Design Co. was started in Feb. 2015. What inspires my designs? Great question! I find inspiration in the music, and skate/snowboarding industries. I have done many a logo within the Woodworking Community and have had an absolute blast doing it. 

Restored Design Co. is a small brand identity business, that helps brands tell their story through their logo. I believe in helping companies grow organically by listening to their needs and designing logos that truly represent them — all the way down to the details of the animation.  Restored Design Co. was born out of a desire to help small businesses find their voice through branding.

Be Bold. Be Seen.



Ryan- RdCo.

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