Branding Your Business

What is a branding package?

A branding package is a set of visual and messaging elements—including a logo, fonts, color palette, and other components—that establishes a cohesive brand identity for your company. This comprehensive toolkit forms the basis for your marketing materials, and helps your company stand out, attract new customers, and build loyalty.

In addition to visual assets, a branding package can also include messaging components like your company’s mission statement, value proposition for your products, and a tagline or slogan. Using the same logo, colors, typography, and messaging on your website, packaging, and marketing materials provides brand consistency.


What to include in a branding package

  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Messaging

You may not need everything offered in a branding package. For example, if you operate solely online, you likely won’t need to create posters or signage. Here are four elements a complete branding package typically includes:


A good logo design can distinguish your company from the competition and even drive sales up or down. Research shows that consumers buy from recognizable logos and many would avoid brands that have unappealing ones.

Color palette

Color conveys emotion, and using color psychology can help your business appeal to target audiences and build your brand's aesthetic.


Similar to color, typography can communicate the energy and emotion behind your brand and build positive associations. For example, a fitness brand that promotes an active and energetic lifestyle might choose a large, bold typeface, while an online bookseller might choose a modern serif-style font.


Messaging typically includes your company’s mission statement, value proposition, and slogan. While the visual elements of a custom branding package appeal to your audience’s subconscious, messaging will more directly dictate what you are as a brand and what value you provide.